A cleaning service contract is between a cleaner and a client seeking to pay for their services. Most often, the cleaner acts as an independent contractor while charging a single amount and is responsible for the payment of their own personal income taxes. The agreement outlines the responsibilities of the cleaner and the amount that they will be paid. Most cleaning agreements may be terminated simply by giving notice.

Table of Contents

Residential vs Commercial

Residential cleaning covers:

  • Dishes;
  • Household Duties;
  • Laundry;
  • Mopping; and
  • Taking Out Trash.

Commercial cleaning covers:

  • Carpet Cleaning;
  • Restocking Supplies;
  • Taking Out Trash;
  • Sanitizing; and
  • Window Cleaning.

Cleaning Service: Specific Types

  • Air Duct
  • Car / Vehicle
  • Carpet / Rug
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Drain / Gutter
  • Office
  • Outdoor (yard, lawn, etc.)
  • Residential (apt, condo, house, etc.)
  • Upholstery
  • Window

Cleaning Salary & Hourly Rate

Janitors & Building Cleaners

  • Salary: $26,110 (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Rate: $12.55 (source: BLS)

Maids & Housekeepers

  • Salary: $24,630 (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Rate: $11.84 (source: BLS)

Outdoor (Grounds) Cleaners

  • Salary: $29,400 (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Rate: $14.13 (source: BLS)

Cleaning Service Contract – Samples

Sample 1 – Commercial & Residential

Sample 2 – Commercial & Residential

Sample 3 – Residential Only (Housekeeping Agreement)

How To Write

1 – Save The House Cleaning Services Agreement Presented In The Preview

The text link, “Adobe PDF,” displayed beneath the contract preview on this page enables a Cleaning Company or Contracted Cleaner to solidify a professional agreement. Select this link to open it. Saving this file to your machine for future use is strongly recommended.


2 – A Synopsis Of This Agreement Requires Some Introductory Facts

Once you’ve opened this paperwork with either your pdf editor or have printed it to fill it out, read it over, then attend to the first paragraph. The first two blank spaces in the introduction will seek the effective date of this agreement. Enter it directly onto these lines as the month and calendar day then, the two-digit year.  After you’ve documented the effective date, locate the empty line attached to the right of the term “…By And Between,” then furnish the full name of the Cleaning Company or Cleaning Contractor as its contents.  Continue to the empty space placed before the parentheses label “Owner,” then produce the name of the Party Or Company that is hiring the Cleaning Contractor on it. 


3 – Discuss The Commissioned Cleaning Services

This document will be applicable to a wide scope of cleaning arrangements however, the exact services the Cleaner is being commissioned to complete should be detailed. The first item making up the body of this agreement shall answer this need nicely. Here, a check list of items naming different types of cleaning services is available for review. You must check each box corresponding to a cleaning service the Hiring Party will expect the Contractor to complete. In this way, you can easily solidify the cleaning services required as being “Vacuuming And Mopping Of Floors,” “Dusting,” “Window Cleaning,” “Washing Dishes,” “Laundry,” or “Bathroom Cleaning.” If additional services are required of the Cleaner, then you can check the “Other” checkbox and use the blank lines provided to give a specific definition of the services required of the Cleaner. 


4 – Document Terms Concerning The Cleaning Shifts And Equipment Required

The second document item designated as “2. Time Of Completion” expects a solid definition of when the Cleaner must provide the services above. Two basic categories that you must choose from are displayed for this purpose. If the cleaning service must start on a specific date and will have a predetermined date of termination, then you must mark the first checkbox. Naturally, you will need to provide these calendar dates. Begin by using the first two available lines after the phrase “…Commenced On Or Before” to solidify the latest calendar date when the Hiring Company expects the Cleaner to start the required cleaning(s) and continue with a production of the calendar date when this cleaning must “…Be Substantially Completed” on the next two empty lines. In addition to these dates, this statement also expects the first time of day when the Cleaner is expected to work to be displayed on the space between “…Hours Of” and “A.M. …” and the latest time of day the Cleaner may work on the blank line just before “P.M….”  If the Hiring Company and the Cleaning Contractor wish to and expect to enter a long-term agreement with no real termination date then, check the statement “The Services Are Ongoing…” This statement option shall also expect some information. The blank line after the phrase “…Shall Be Completed” seeks a definition as to how often the Cleaner will perform the services above (For instance, if there is a weekly cleaning that must be completed, write in the word “Weekly”). You will also need to place the first calendar date of cleaning across the next two blank lines, and the day and hours the Cleaner should work after the wording “…Performed On” and “…Between The Hours.” Remember to keep this selection consistent if it is the most accurate description. That is, if the cleaning must be completed monthly, then record the two-digit calendar day of the month when it must be performed. Notice in the example below, the Cleaner will be required to work once a week, on Tuesdays, beginning on January 1, 2020.  Most cleaning jobs will require the use of equipment (i.e. a powervac or mop). Some cleaning arrangement will require that the Cleaner use his or her equipment while others will insist the Cleaner only use the Hiring Company’s cleaning tools or machinery. In “3. Equipment” this paperwork will address this issue by presenting two statements you may choose from. If the Hiring Company will provide the cleaning implements required for the completion of this work then, mark the statement “Owner Shall Provide…” and record the services the Cleaner must use the Hiring Party’s equipment to complete on the blank line provided in this choice.  If the Contractor will utilize his or her equipment when performing the cleaning services for this job, then choose the second statement “When Performing the Services…” 


5 – Produce A Report The Cleaning Company’s Compensation And Expenses

Nearly every professional cleaning service performed will be done so in exchange for a reasonable amount of money the Hiring Company agrees to pay the Cleaning Contractor as compensation for his or her time and effort. Arguably, setting the details of this owed payment is at the heart of this contract for the Cleaning Contractor, thus, refer to the fourth document item of this agreement, “4. Payment.” Two payment descriptions are on display in this item. You must choose one to define payment. The first checkbox statement here is typically used for one-time service contracts as it will define the Contractor’s compensation as one lump sum the Hiring Party must pay to the Cleaning Contractor with no other payments owed upon the successful completion of the contract.  The second option allows the Cleaning Contractor’s compensation to be defined as a regularly scheduled amount of money that must be paid as the job continues. This is generally a useful description for jobs where no exact termination date will be defined and can be selected by marking the second checkbox. This statement requires you directly type in the amount that must be paid on the first blank space then re-enter the same amount in the parentheses. Additionally, you will need to solidify the frequency of pay as weekly, monthly, or per session on the second blank space.  Once you’ve set the basics to the Cleaning Contractor’s compensation to paper, locate the statement “The Payment Shall Be Paid In The Following Manner.” The empty lines presented below this statement expect some further definitions to be supplied regarding the compensation that will be supplied to the Cleaning Contractor. Use this area to indicate when payments should be submitted and how. For instance, in the example below, it will be assumed that an ongoing cleaning job is being discussed and thus requires the Hiring Party to submit payment by direct deposit at the end of the first month of cleaning has been completed and then once a month in that manner for the duration of the agreement’s lifespan  The fifth document item, “5. Other Expenses,” considers the costs to the Cleaning Contractor. Some Hiring Parties will agree to cover some of the costs the Cleaning Contractor incurs to complete this job (i.e. travel costs). You may use the blank lines here to solidify all Cleaning Contractor expenses that will be reimbursed by the Hiring Party. If there are no such items to report here, you may leave this area empty, but it is recommended you type in the word “None.” 


6 – The Owner And Contractor Will Combine Their Signatures To Execute This Agreement

Both parties should review the material that was used to complete this agreement then carefully read “6. Provisions.” Once both are satisfied with the contents of this paperwork and can agree to adhere to it, each must fulfill his or her respective signature area. To this end, the Hiring Company must tend certain items to the “Owner” column at the end of this document. If the Hiring Company. Naturally, a Signature Representative with the authority to obligate the Hiring Company will be required for this paperwork to be executed. This Signature Representative of the Hiring Company must sign his or her name on the “Signature line (an additional line has been included for the legal name of the business entity being represented), produce his or her printed name below this signature, and display the official name of the position he or she holds with this entity on the “Title” line.  The Cleaning Contractor will also need to formally execute this document. He or she may do this using the “Contractor” column on the right. The Cleaning Contractor must sign the line labeled “Signature” (if the Contractor’s Business is being hired, enter the business name below the signature). Once this signature is complete the Cleaning Contractor must print his or her name then report any applicable “Title.”