A job offer letter represents the intentions of an employer seeking an individual for their services. In addition to payment, the offer will usually outline benefits, such as health insurance or retirement plans, as well as vacation time and personal leave. The employer will commonly have an expiration period where the employee will have to make the decision to accept, reject, or make a counter-offer.

Job Offer Letter Templates

Counter-Offer Job Offer Letter – For negotiating the terms of an employment agreement.

Job Offer Acceptance Letters – Use when accepting a job offer.

Job Offer Rejection Letters – Use when declining a job offer.

Rescind Job Offer Letter – For an employer that is retracting an offer made. This is usually due to a background check or other due diligence that was proved.


Binding vs Non-Binding

Responding to a Job Offer

When responding, it is recommended for the individual to write in a polite manner that informs the employer of how appreciative they are of the offer. It is best to keep it short and simple (1-page) and to respond to the original letter in a timely manner.

Accepting the Position

Declining the Position


Thanking the Employer

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).