The Illinois employment contract is drafted to concretely unify an employer and its employee or contractor. The agreement outlines the hiree’s new position as well as the income (hourly/salary), and possibly also the benefits (PTO, 401k, health insurance, company equity, etc.). The employee may be subject to signing NDA’s or non-compete while under contract. Once agreed upon, the parties will sign and employment will be initiated.

Employee (Definition)§ 35 ILCS 25/10

Minimum Wage – $8.25 / hour (820 ILCS 105/)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Arrangement between a contractor and client for services in exchange for payment. 

Non-Compete Agreement – Averts an employee from taking the acquired knowledge from the company and using them to support the employer’s competitors.  

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Refrains employees from disclosing any confidential company information that is crucial to the company’s success. 

Subcontractor Agreement – Unites an independent contractor and subcontractor for services in exchange for payment. 

Employment Agreement Template