The Connecticut employment contract recognizes an individual as an hourly or salaried employee for services brought to the company. The contract could also consist of other incentives (i.e. health insurance, 401(k), equity stake, etc.). The agreement will go in-depth with the companies confidentiality, non-competes, as well as PTO and all other company policies. Once both parties agree to terms the contract will be signed, finalized and employment will begin

Employee (Definition)§ 31-275(9)

Minimum Wage – $11.00 (Connecticut Dept. of Labor)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – For a client in the search of an individual or company for specific services. 

Non-Compete Agreement – Goes in-depth with an employee’s rights in regards to working in the same trade in the industry for other employers. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Prohibits the employee from disclosing any information regarding the employer while working for them. 

Subcontractor Agreement – Links an independent contractor with a subcontractor for exchanged services.

Employment Agreement Template