The Connecticut non-compete and non-solicitation agreement is a document in which an employer can limit their employees’ ability to compete with their business once their employment has been terminated. The non-solicitation clause prevents the employee from actively recruiting employees and soliciting the employer’s clients post-employment. The laws of Connecticut consider a number of factors when determining the reasonableness of a covenant to not compete; the duration of the limit, the geographic scope, the fairness of the protection for the employer, the level of restriction on the employee, and the amount of interference to the public interest. The time and geographic limitations are most important when making a determination and, while there is no statutory definition of either parameter, it is worth noting that agreements with smaller geographical radiuses and reasonable time restraints are more likely to be enforced by law.

Laws – No General Statute.

Non-Compete Limit – No Statutorily Defined Limit

Non-Solicitation Limit – No Statutorily Defined Limit