The Pennsylvania employment contract discloses the bond created for services between an employer and employee in exchange for payment. Depending on the longevity of the position, the employee may qualify for benefits such as healthcare, holidays, paid time off, company stake, etc. In taking preventative measures to secure the company’s resources, the employer can also require non-disclosure or non-compete agreements. When both parties come to terms and agree on expectations then employment will commence.

Employee (Definition) – § 43-753

Minimum Wage – $7.25/ hour (federal law, no State minimum wage law)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Arrangement between a client or company with an independent contractor for anticipated services in exchange for payment.  

Non-Compete Agreement – Impedes an employee from engaging in any aggressive actions against the employer following termination. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Legally prohibits any person or party from spreading any privileged information obtained.

Subcontractor Agreement – Links an independent contractor with a subcontractor for smaller services provided for a big job.

Employment Agreement Template