The Oklahoma employment contract is an established bond between an employer and its newest employee. Depending on the length of employment the new hiree can have the possibility of other incentives (i.e. paid time off, company stake, 401k, etc.). In taking preventative measure to secure the company’s intel, the employee may be subject to signing a non-disclosure agreement as well. Once both parties come to an understanding, then employment can commence.

Employee (Definition)§ 40-1-210

Minimum Wage – $7.25 / hour (federal law, no State minimum wage law)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement –  An accord between an independent contractor and client for services rendered. 

Non-Compete Agreement –  Hinders a previous employee from any competitive acts against the company after departure. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Protects the entity’s classified information by restricting the employee from discussing anything during or post-employment. 

Subcontractor Agreement – Declares the tasks the subcontractor will provide on the independent contractor’s behalf. 

Employment Agreement Template