The Oklahoma non-compete agreement is a document signed by an employee that aims to protect their employer’s business interests, including confidential information, trade secrets, clients, customers, and other employees, by prohibiting the employee from competing with the company upon termination. Many states in the U.S. still have quite nonrestrictive laws regarding the enforceability of a non-compete/non-solicitation agreement. Oklahoma, however, is not one of those states. Employers must draft a non-compete with caution and with relative leniency in regard to the employee’s ability to seek employment in the same field/industry as the employer once they’ve been terminated. Although an employee is permitted to engage in the same business as their previous employer, they are prohibited from directly soliciting the sale of goods and/or services from the employer’s customers.

Laws§ 15-219A

Non-Compete Limit – Not specifically mentioned.

Non-Solicitation Limit – Not specifically mentioned.