The Nevada employment contract is a binding agreement between an organization and an incoming employee. Sanctifies the services that will be provided in exchange for payment. Other incentives such as bonus, healthcare, company equity, etc. could also be brought up for discussion. Once both parties concur to the terms, employment can begin.

Employee (Definition)§ 608.010

Minimum Wage – $8.25 (Art. 15, Sec. 16)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Used to establish the legal union between a client and an independent contractor. 

Non-Compete Agreement – Restrict’s an employee’s engagement or subsequent employment in an industry related to their employer. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement – When an individual agrees to not divulge restricted information or wield it in their favor. 

Subcontractor Agreement – Legalizes the union between an independent contractor and sub-contractor for assistance in a massive project. 

Employment Agreement Template