A Nevada non-compete agreement is a document created for the purpose of restricting an employee’s engagement or future employment in an industry directly related to their employer. A non-compete agreement is typically reserved for employees privy to confidential and proprietary company information. This agreement ensures that the employee refrains from soliciting the employer’s customers, contractors, and other employees during or after their employment, and prohibits the employee from starting a similar business upon termination. Failure to comply with a non-compete agreement will allow the employer to enforce its conditions or seek remedies in a court of law. However, the employee has the right to provide services to the employer’s customers or clients if said customers/clients voluntarily left the employer for the employee, and the employee adheres to the limitations set forth in the agreement.

Laws – NRS has been amended, through Bill No. 276, to include more specific non-compete laws – § 613.195.

Non-Compete Limit – Not specifically mentioned in NRS; however, the agreement must be supported by valuable consideration and must be reasonable in its scope and duration.

Non-Solicitation Limit – Not specifically mentioned.