The Georgia non-compete agreement is a document that an employer will use to limit their employees’ ability to compete with them once their business relationship has terminated. The non-compete clauses limit the individual’s ability to work for (or start) a business in the same field as the employer. Non-solicitation clauses limit the employee’s access to the employer’s clients and employees, preventing the past-employee from recruiting workers or customers. In Georgia, the court will deem a non-compete agreement eligible providing it is not excessively restrictive in regard to time (two years maximum) or geographical scope. In accordance with GA Code § 13-8-53(c)(1), the description of services, activities, or products which qualify as competitive can be relatively general and need only provide notice of the “maximum reasonable scope.”

LawsGA Code § 13-8-53GA Code § 13-8-56GA Code § 13-8-57

Non-Compete Limit – Two (2) years

Non-Solicitation Limit – Two (2) years