The New Mexico employment contract recognizes an incoming employee as part of an organization. The agreement states the position, benefits, and other incentives that will follow once employment commences. The document may also implement non-competes or disclosures in order to protect the firm from any misconduct. When both parties come to terms with each owns expectations, the contract will be signed and legalized.

Employee (Definition)§ 7-3-2

Minimum Wage – $9.00 (§ 50-4-22). This amount may vary depending on the jurisdiction of an employee.

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Formalizes an arrangement amongst the client as well as an independent contractor. 

Non-Compete Agreement – Precaution that is taken to prevent any solicitation from any company contacts or joining any of its competitor’s firms. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Used for any situation where crucial information is being exchanged and can not be disclosed to any outsiders. 

Subcontractor Agreement – When an independent contractor brings on a subcontractor to assist with a portion or all the work on an assignment. 

Employment Agreement Template