The Nebraska employment contract recognizes an incoming employee within an organization. The agreement holds the employee accountable for the responsibilities expected for the position. In return, the employee’s wage, benefits, as well as bonuses will be implemented. The new hiree may be subject to signing NDA’s in order to maintain the company’s confidentiality. Once both parties agree to terms, employment can commence.

Employee (Definition)§ 48-115

Minimum Wage – $9/ hour (48-1203)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Used in situations when sensitive information is being disclosed amongst two parties and prevents third parties from obtaining the information.

Non-Compete Agreement Prohibits the employee from taking any part in any competitive activity against the previous employer. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Presented and required to acknowledge in order to prevent any distributions of classified information to third parties. 

Subcontractor Agreement – A business endeavor between an independent contractor and contractor to assist with a project.  

Employment Agreement Template