The Michigan employment contract outlines the occupation of an employer’s newest employee. The agreement goes in-depth with the employee’s position, wage, benefits, and any other incentives in return for the required executed services. Subjects may be presented with non-disclosure agreements in order to protect the firm’s interest. Once finalized and signed, employment can commence.

Employee (Definition)§ 421.42

Minimum Wage – $9.25/hour (Michigan Senate Bill 1171

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Describes the terms a contractor agreed to in order to provide a service in exchange for compensation.

Non-Compete Agreement – Obligates the employee to refrain from hiring other employees or soliciting clients once the business endeavor is over. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Binds an employee to their discretion in regards to the business’s classified information. 

Subcontractor Agreement – Unites an independent contractor and subcontractor to assure quality work for a minor part in a big project. 

Employment Agreement Template