A construction consultant agreement is a formal contract between a consultant and their client that relays all the terms and conditions that will govern their relationship. It will include clauses that protect the client’s information from being used against them, it will dictate who will be in charge of paying for whatever expenses are necessary, and it will clearly define the independent contractor status of the consulting party. The negotiable terms also include the services rendered, the cost thereof, and the payment of insurance. Once signed by all parties and initialed where applicable, the document becomes binding until its end date or until either party submits written notice for termination.

What is a Construction Consultant?

A construction consultant is a professional who works with the project owner in preparing upcoming construction projects. They are the individuals who are going to estimate the total cost of the project, create a budget, select contractors on the client’s behalf, administer the construction contracts, and ensure that contractors stay within their budget. They are also responsible for settling disputes between parties should they arise. Essentially, their job is to used their skills and expertise to oversee the entirety of the project so that the less-informed project owner won’t have to.

Construction Consultant Salary & Hourly Rate

  • Salary: $93,370 (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Rate: $44.89 (source: BLS)

Construction Consultant Agreement Template