The Colorado employment contract finalizes the union between an employer and an employee. The contract certifies the income, hours, benefits, confidentiality, and any other incentives or disclosures. Sick leaves and holidays are discussed as well as whether or not the compensation would be by hourly or salary.

Employee (Definition)§ 8-40-202(2) 

Minimum Wage: $14.42 (Dept. of Labor and Employment)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Agreement tying an independent contractor and its client. The transaction is only for the service provided. Any individuals working on the job shall be under the employment of the contractor. 

Non-Compete Agreement – Prevents an employee from providing any privileged information regarding a company.

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Restrains an employee from working for a company’s competitor or work in the same trade if terminated. 

Subcontractor Agreement – Deal for services linking an independent contractor and contractor.

Employment Agreement Template