The Arkansas employment contract is created to outline the position of a new employee. The agreement discloses the new hiree’s pay (hourly/salary), benefits, and bonuses. Confidential agreements are a possibility in order to secure the company’s trade secrets. Once agreed upon, both parties will sign and bind the agreement, and employment will be established.

Employee (Definition)§ 11-9-102(9)(A)

Minimum Wage – $10.00/ hour (11-4-210)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement –  Defines services expected from a contractor through a client in exchange for payment.

Non-Compete Agreement – Prevents employees from working for the previous employer’s competitors. Also, disallows employees from poaching any clients or an employer’s employees.

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Ensures an employee will not disclose any trade secrets and remain confidential from third parties.

Subcontractor Agreement – Used to hire a subcontractor through an independent contractor in order to complete a task for a project.

Employment Agreement Template