The Alabama employment agreement records the terms of participation amongst an employer and incoming employee. The agreement may involve other clauses and sections related to the benefits of the employee (such as health insurance, retirement plans such as 401(k), ownership options, etc.) as well as confidentiality (NDA), non-compete language, and detail the time-off allowed by company policy. Once both parties agree on the terms of employment and sign the contract, employment can begin. 

At-Will – Alabama is an “At-Will” State which means the employer or employee may terminate employment at any time (unless otherwise stated in an agreement). The employer does not need a reason to terminate the employee.

Employee (Definition)§ 25-4-7

Minimum Wage – $7.25 / hour (federal law, no State minimum wage law)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Otherwise known as a “1099 employee” for paying an individual or company for services provided.

Non-Compete Agreement – Exclusively details the employee’s rights after employment in regards to working in the same industry as the employer.

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Does not allow the employee to use information or practices learned from working under the employer.

Subcontractor Agreement – Between an independent contractor and a subcontractor as a contract for services provided.

Employment Agreement Template