The Vermont non-compete & non-solicitation agreement is a contract that provides employers with the ability to protect their business interests by imposing operating restrictions on employees. The provisions of the contract will include a condition that prohibits employees from transacting business with other companies or individuals that compete with the employer. Additionally, the agreement will require the employee to refrain from soliciting specific parties such as other employees or customers. The limitations established by the employer are enforceable during the employee’s term of employment and for a duration after their relationship with the employer is terminated.

Laws – No statutes.

Non-Compete Limit – No statutory defined limit. Nevertheless, if the restrictions are to be enforced by law, the employer must impose limitations which are reasonable and only necessary for the protection of their business interests.

Non-Solicitation Limit – No statutory defined limit. For limitations to be enforced in court, the employer must prove that the restrictions are reasonable and that they were imposed solely for the prevention of unfair competition.