The Utah non-compete & non-solicitation agreement is a tool that prevents employees from creating unfair competition against an employer. The contract states that the employee is prohibited from working for other companies or individuals that compete with the employer’s business. Also mentioned in the agreement is a non-solicitation provision which restricts the employee’s ability to solicit other employees, customers, or contractors hired by the employer. The restrictions are to be imposed during the term in which the individual is employed and for a designated duration post-employment (see below for specific limitations).

Laws § 34-51-201

Non-Compete Limit – One (1) year limit for agreements established on or after May 10, 2016. Limitations imposed on agreements made prior to this date must be reasonable and not greater than that which is necessary to protect the employer’s business.

  • Broadcasting Employees – A non-compete agreement between a broadcasting employer and broadcasting employee that was established before May 10, 2016, must correspond with the laws stated in § 34-51-201(2).

Non-Solicitation Limit – Restrictions must be reasonably limited in duration and geographic range. The employer should only impose restrictions necessary to protect their legitimate business interests.