The Maine non-compete and non-solicitation agreement is a contract that is used by employers to limit their employees from competing against their business and sharing trade secrets. The agreement must only limit the employee’s activities for a justifiable period of time and within reasonable geographical boundaries. Employers can also prohibit the employee from soliciting company clients or attempting to hire other employees. In the event of a dispute, the employer will have to prove to a court that the contract justifiably protects their interests without unfairly limiting the employee.

Laws – No statute.

Non-Compete Limit – The agreement must be within reasonable limits that justifiably protect the employer’s interests.

Non-Solicitation Limit – Although there are no state limits on the duration and geographical area covered by a non-solicitation agreement, the agreement may only restrict the employee as much as can be reasonably justified.

Furthermore, if a non-compete is in an employment offer, notice must be given to the employee at least 3 days prior.