The Idaho non-compete agreement is used to protect an employer’s trade secrets and prevent past employees from ameliorating other companies using the information and experience gained during their term. Once signed, the document also prevents the signatory from recruiting the employer’s workers and soliciting their clients. In the state of Idaho, non-compete agreements are only applicable to what the state defines as “key employees,” that is, individuals who have been exposed to damage the employer’s business interests seriously (§44-2702).  The reasonableness of the agreement will be contingent upon the geographical scope, and time limitations established therein. The type of employment will also be a determining factor in gauging the legality of the restrictive covenant or agreement; generally speaking, low-income employees will not be asked to sign a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement.

Laws – §44-2701§44-2704

Non-Compete Limit – Eighteen (18) months

Non-Solicitation Limit – Eighteen (18) months