The Minnesota employment contract details a new business endeavor between employer and employee. This agreement specifies the job title and description. Included are also benefits such as 401k, paid time off, holidays, insurance, etc. Non-disclosure agreements may also be presented. Once agreed upon, both parties will sign and employment will be executed.

Employee (Definition)§ 181.723

Minimum Wage – $10.00 (employers earning $500,000+/year) OR $8.15 (employers earning less than $500,000/year) (Dept. of Labor)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Describes the services a contractor is hired to perform in exchange for payment once services are met. 

Non-Compete Agreement – Hinders employees from using an organization’s secured information and contacts in order to compete against the employer. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Preserves a company’s integrity through securing its most essential information from third parties. 

Subcontractor Agreement – Hired by an independent contractor for services on a minimal part of a big assignment. 

Employment Agreement Template