The Kentucky employment contract establishes employment by stating income, benefits, and time-off. The contract outlines the position of the newly employed as well as details of what is expected of the employee. Employers have the right to issue any form of non-compete or disclosures in order to protect the organization. Once both parties agree, employment will start.

Employee (Definition)§ 342.640

Minimum Wage – $7.25 / hour (337.275)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Describes the services required from the client for the contractor. Initiates employment for the position. 

Non-Compete Agreement – Enforced to have employees agree to not compete against the employer’s organization for a certain amount of time. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Forbids any improper disclosure of any privileged information and trade secrets regarding the employed establishment. 

Subcontractor Agreement – Employs a subcontractor through a contractor to assist in the finalization of a service or project. 

Employment Agreement Template