A tattoo artist independent contractor agreement is a contract between a tattoo artist and a client in which the tattooist agrees to provide their services as an independent contractor. This type of contract may be used when an artist is hired to travel to their client to privately give them a tattoo or when they have been hired for a special event at which they will be tattooing. The document must include a description of the services that the agreement covers and how the contractor will be compensated by the client. Other aspects of the agreement that must be stated in the contract include: whether expenses are covered by the contractor or the client; whether the contractor is at liberty to hire subcontractors; who is responsible for the supervision and delegation of the work; and if there are any requirements for the acquisition of insurance. The document becomes legally binding once it has been signed and may be terminated by either party giving advanced notice of termination to the other party.

Is a Tattoo Artist Licensed?

Most states require tattoo artists to get licensed before being able to legally work their trade. Licensing will usually include a certification course, an exam, and an internship. The goal of certification courses is primarily to ensure that tattoo artists comply with health standards and are capable technicians. Often, the tattoo artist is also required to undergo a six (6) month internship supervised by licensed tattoo artists and apply a certain number of tattoos or work a certain number of hours. Any further art and tattoo application training will only assist the artist in providing higher quality services and, in turn, enabling them to charge higher rates and attract more customers. Some states will also require tattoo artists to have a high school diploma or GED.

Tattoo Artist Salary & Hourly Rate

Job experience and the market area are the main factors when estimating how much a tattoo artist earns. The more skilled and higher demographic areas or tourist spots such as Miami, New York, or Los Angeles offer higher hourly pay and salaries for tattoo artists.

Tattoo Artist Independent Contractor Agreement