The massage therapist contract is a formal work agreement between a massage therapist and a hosting company (such as a spa, clinic, studio, gym, recreation center, or hotel) in which the therapist is considered an independent contractor. The contract includes the start date and duration of the agreement, as well as the duties that the therapist must perform. In accordance with the contract, the contractor will either work for an hourly rate or for a percentage of their earnings which will be paid out as agreed upon in the document. The contract will also need to state whether the therapist or the company will be responsible for providing equipment and if the therapist is required to pay rent to the company for use of their space. Some establishments may also stipulate a demand that therapists wear a uniform or follow a dress code. Once the document is signed by all parties, it becomes legally binding until the contract’s end date or until either party terminates the agreement.

Room Rental Agreement (Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)) – For the renting of a room only.

Is a Massage Therapist Licensed?

In most of the United States, it is required that individuals become certified practitioners and join a recognized association before being able to legally work as a massage therapist. Certain states will require therapists to obtain a liability insurance policy and CPR certification as well. Generally, at least five hundred (500) hours of training is required in addition to a licensing examination. Background checks are also sometimes required.

Massage Therapist Agreement