The hairstylist independent contractor agreement is used to officially outline the terms of a working arrangement between a company (usually a salon or barbershop) and professional hairstylists. Often barbers and hairstylists will pay the business owner to rent their workspace (“chair”) on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It is also common for the stylist to receive a percentage of profits that are paid out as a commission. The form includes a non-compete clause that prohibits the stylist from directly competing with the company’s business for the duration of the contract and for a period following its termination. Once it has been signed by both parties, the contract becomes legally binding.

Hairstylist Salary & Hourly Rate

The salary of a hairstylist or barber will vary greatly depending on where they work, their level of expertise, and the types of services that they offer. For instance, higher-end beauty salons will charge their customers exponentially more than an old school barbershop and individuals who provide specialized services, such as coloring, can expect to earn a lot more than individuals who only give haircuts. It is also important that hairstylists also receive tips from their customers which are supplementary to their base income.

  • Salary: $24,830 (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Rate: $11.94 (source: BLS)

Hairstylist Independent Contractor Agreement