An immigration consultant agreement is a contract between two parties; a client and an immigration consultant. The consultant, having been hired for their professional services, will demand a certain amount of compensation from their client. The agreement will list all the services that the consultant will perform while under the client’s hire as well as the length of the arrangement. Other provisions included in the agreement establish termination options, confidentiality, taxes and expenses, and dispute settlement. The parties will be bound to the terms of the agreement once both signatures have been inscribed.

What does an Immigration Consultant do?

An immigration consultant is a representative hired to assist with the process of immigration, including filing applications and petitions, gathering documentation, and translation. Immigration consultants do not have to go through a certification process in the US to obtain their title. Due to this fact, people looking to immigrate into the states are often told to see an immigration attorney. Immigration consultants are not permitted to give legal assistance at any point in the immigration process and are not allowed to represent their clients in any matters of law. These are services that someone emigrating from another country would be looking for in a representative. If no legal assistance is required, one could hire an immigration consultant to help them complete the most basic immigration tasks.

Immigration Consultant Salary & Hourly Pay

Immigration Consultant Agreement Template