A human resources (HR) consultant agreement is a legal document detailing a professional arrangement between a client and a hired consultant. Once a client has approached a consultant, the consultant will establish the amount of time they may need to complete the services and how much money the client will have to pay (usually on an hourly basis but may be held on retainer). A consultant has an independent contractor status and will be responsible for insurance, taxes, workers’ compensation, and any other such payments. Other terms to be discussed by the parties are termination options, non-compete, non-solicitation, confidentiality, and indemnification. If both parties agree to these terms, they must sign the agreement and adhere to its terms for the length of the arrangement.

What does a Human Resources Consultant do?

A human resources consultant gives professional advice to companies with regard to the organization of their employees and officers. Companies hire HR consultants to assess their current systems and implement necessary changes so the company can maximize the effectiveness of its personnel. Their job includes coming up with improved policies and procedures, reorganizing management and administration tasks, and enacting grievance mediation processes. HR consultants must possess a deep understanding of the laws pertaining to their field of work and organizational management in general. As with most consulting positions, an HR consultant may be hired to address a specific issue in a company’s HR department or remain on retainer for an extended period of time to oversee a massive structural change.

Human Resources Consultant Salary & Hourly Pay

  • Salary: $29.27 (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Pay: $60,880 (source: BLS)

HR Consultant Agreement Template