A financial consultant agreement is a contract between a client and an independent contractor that defines the nature of their professional relationship. The services the independent contractor (the financial consultant) is being hired to perform for the client, as well as the amount of money they will receive in return for said services, are the first two items addressed in the agreement. Following this, the terms and conditions will relay the individual responsible for any expenses, the legal employment status of the contractor, the manner in which they can operate, and all other provisions that render the contract legally binding.

What does a Financial Consultant do?

A financial consultant, or financial advisor, works with businesses and individuals to help them accomplish their financial goals. If the consultant is working with an individual, they’ll be required to research their client’s current financial situation, and provide information regarding taxes, investments, insurance, retirement funds and the like. With the necessary data collected, they can create an organized plan on how their client can most effectively manage their finances going forward. A consultant working with a business will be responsible for creating reports that break down the organization’s finances clearly, developing financial strategies to remedy any problems, forecasting future risks, and monitoring the business once their solutions have been implemented.

Financial Consultant Salary & Hourly Rate

  • Salary: $88,890 (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Rate: $42.73 (source: BLS)

Financial Consultant Agreement