An architect consultant agreement is a document that is used to describe the professional relationship between an architect and a project owner (the client). The architect will be hired to oversee the design and construction of the owner’s building, either by working in tandem with their client or by handling the entirety of the design themselves. The amount that they will be compensated, the benefits that they will receive, the amount of time that they’ll be hired to work for, and the expenses they will be required to pay will all be relayed within the consulting agreement. Both parties should review the document carefully to ensure that the various restrictive covenants and legal ease are agreeable. Once they’ve initialed each page, they can sign at the bottom rendering the agreement legally binding.

What is an Architect?

An architect is a professional who works in the construction industry and designs and oversees the construction of their client’s projects. They commence working at the project’s infancy when the project owner is in the design phase of their building. They’ll prepare design proposals, create blueprints, advise their clients, and work with the construction consultant (if applicable) to ensure that the right team gets assembled to actualize the collective vision of owner and architect. They will also be present throughout the construction to oversee the completion of the project. In addition to strong leadership and communication skills, an architect’s talent lies in their ability to successfully combine functionality with form; it’s their job to ensure an aesthetically pleasing, yet practical and effective space.

Architect Salary & Hourly Pay

  • Salary: $79,380 (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Pay: $38.16 (source: BLS)

Architect Consultant Agreement Template

Adobe PDF – Microsoft Word (.docx)