The Alaska employment agreement details the terms and conditions between an employee or contractor. Depending on the kind of employment, the employee may only be paid for the services they provide. If the individual is a long-term employee, benefits such as health care, retirement programs, holiday bonuses, etc. would be embedded. Once signed, employment can commence. 

Employee (Definition)AS 23.20.525

Minimum Wage – $10.19 (Division of Labor Standards and Safety)

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreement – Links a client with an independent contractor for services rendered in exchange for payment.

Non-Compete Agreement – Between an employer and employee that typically prohibits them from being able to work in the same industry as the employer if they should quit or be relieved from their position.

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Between an employer and employee that does not allow an employee or independent contractor to reveal proprietary information or trade secrets to a third (3rd) party or competitors.

Subcontractor Agreement – Between the main contractor that “subs” out a portion or all of the work on a project to another company. For example, a construction company building a hotel hires a company to paint the exterior of the building.

Employment Agreement Template